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August 27, 2022 by samanthashank

Are background checks required?

Yes, background checks are required for hosts. ID verification is mandatory for guests, with background checks available and preferred. For all site members, two references are required.

As in all scenarios, use your instincts and common sense. There are currently no background checks on similar sites or homestay Facebook groups.

Where are you launching?

We will be launching in the United States with hopes to expand to Europe next.

Can I host with other people living in the apartment/home?

Yes, you may! Whether it is with roommates, kids, or a partner, just state this in your listing. (and be respectful to the other people living there!) When I joined, I was unable to find a host for two cities I tried and kept getting a bunch of message requests from guys clearly using it a dating app. I’ve talked to several female travelers who only stay with male hosts if they have several positive reviews from females. But why have to go through this hassle to make sure you’re not harassed?

Her Host prioritizes the safety AND comfort of women. Some ladies may want homes only hosted by solo females, but some are okay with staying with couples. It’s her choice.

Can I be a guest with a guy?

Yes, we welcome male partners, friends, or sons.

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