Welcome to Her Host:
stays under $50 for the female traveler


Hosting is a fantastic way to make friends around the world and shouldn’t be a financial burden. Set your own rates ($5-50 depending on accommodation type) and receive some compensation for that spare bedroom, air mattress, or couch. Traveling for a month? Make some side cash on that empty room.


Find a safe, comfy, budget stay and get recommendations and advice from a local.

a little about me...

Hi, I’m Samantha Shank. Serial entrepreneur, adoptee, traveler.


A few weeks ago, I met a Polish woman on a surfing Facebook page. She was looking for a cheap place to stay in Los Angeles to practice surfing. I offered up my spare bedroom and an air mattress for $22/night. It wasn’t fancy, but she got a great deal, I made some money on an empty bedroom, and we both made a friend.

The idea for Her Host was born. Thank you for following along on my journey!

What others are saying...

“As a female, my first and main concern when it comes to traveling is safety. Due to this, I exclusively stay in hotels where there are other guests around but in my own room by myself or with friends I have known for a while. It’s unfortunate that my travel has to be restricted by either lodging expenses or needing to work around someone else’s schedule, all for peace of mind. With Her Host, I hope that women are able to travel with less anxiety, enjoy their lives like they deserve to, and feel empowered by meeting others who have experiences to share.”

Jessica A. Chino Hills, CA

I never tried couch surfing; though I had female friends who did no issue there were too many sketchy stories especially in the later years – excited to see this project evolve.

Alexandra D., El Salvador

A lot of similar services (ex. Airbnb) started with the intention of being affordable but soon devolved into something much more expensive, inaccessible, and even dangerous for local housing markets. I want to see HerHost launch because it’s built on a foundation of being a safe and affordable option for female travelers and makes interpersonal connections a core tennet rather than just being a cash grab for hosts.

Victoria E., Memphis, TN